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Reasons for reading and commenting to share

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Reasons for reading  and commenting  to share  - just a design test -

New philosophy is driving the Majority of Internet business portals as a sort of a big spider with net in the center in black Widow. The generations of the sons of the mother spider will build  new  fishing nets (aka web surfers) which will be used to feed the ever-hungry parent.

Fortunately not all net surfer interests are related to making money on line even if some investment needs to be done to built a magazine or a survey system.
Contents management is what comes after consistent flow of informations generated and then analisi will follow to indentify trends and action planning.
If we want to be succesfull we need planning preceding by learning when we don't know how.
The motto: Never quit, does not apply  only to marketing. It is a lifelong suit.

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